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Category Archive for 'Workshops' at 2017 Allocation Process

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Draft Plan and Draft Spreadsheets – Hoover Power Allocation Post-2017

Attached are the corrected draft spreadsheets for Alternatives 1 through 3 for Schedules D2/A and D2/B Power revised subsequent to the Consultants’ Workshop of January 16, 2015.

Alt 1-3 D2A and B Corrections 01.15.15

Notice and Agenda of a Consultants’ Workshop Regarding the Revised Draft Plan and Draft Alternatives for the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process

Notice – Consultants’ Workshop Draft Plan & Draft Alternatives 01.16.15

Agenda – Consultants’ Workshop Draft Plan & Draft Alternatives 01.16.15

Notice and Agenda for APA Technical Workshop December 16, 2014

Workshop Notice 12-16-14

Workshop Agenda 12-16-14

06/30/14 APA Consultants’ Workshop

The Arizona Power Authority will be holding a Consultants’ Workshop to receive comments on the Issue Papers that have been prepared in response to the oral and written comments made by the public on the Public Information and Comment Draft Plan and Alternative Spreadsheets for the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process.  These documents were created for the Authority by the Consultants, Stuart Somach with Somach Simmons & Dunn and Mike Powell with UC Synergetic, LLP.

Below are the notice, agenda and the Issue Papers for this Workshop. Please contact Mike Gazda at mike@powerauthority.org or Doug Fant at doug@powerauthority.org, or via phone at 602 368 4265 should you have any questions on this Workshop. Also, please contact Susan Angulo at susan@powerauthority.org to have your name added to the Comment Roll Call List so that you may be called upon for comments at this Workshop.

A conference call bridge will be established for this Workshop.  Should you wish to attend this Workshop by telephone, please contact Susan Angulo to inform her so that she may have the appropriate number of lines available.  Thank you.

Workshop Notice

Workshop Agenda – Rev. 06/25/2014

6-24-14 APA Issue Papers-Final

APA Appeals Process Regulations

04/07/14 APA Consultants’ Workshop Transcription and Written Comments

We are posting the transcription of questions, responses, and comments from the recording that was made at the 04/07/14 APA Consultants’ Workshop.  The recording was not 100% audible, but this document is a best efforts transcription which is as accurate as possible.

Transciption of Comments from 04-07-14 Workshop




APA Study Committee 4 30 08 Response Final

Avra Valley I&DD

Avra Water

Buckeye WCDD


Cortaro-Marana ID

Current Insight

Electrical District #2

Electrical District #3

Electrical Districts #4 and #5

IEDA Editorial Comments

IEDA Legal Issues Comments – APA Draft Plan

KR Saline

Mohave Valley I&DD

Moys Sellers & Hendricks Comments

Page Utility Enterprises

Red Rock I&DD

Roosevelt WCD

Ryley Carlock & Applewhite Comments

Silverbell I&DD


Town of Fredonia

Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process Consultants’ Workshop 04/07/14

We have posted the presentations made by Stuart Somach and Brittany Lewis-Roberts with Somach Simmons & Dunn and Mike Powell with UC Synergetic, LLP at the Arizona Power Authority’s Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process Consultants’ Workshop that was held on April 7, 2014.  Should you wish to contact the consultants with any questions or comments to the presentations, their contact information is listed below (as Stuart travels frequently, you may want to contact Brittany so that she can answer any questions/messages, and/or relay them to Stuart):


Stuart Somach – ssomach@somachlaw.com   916-446-7979

Brittany Lewis-Roberts – blewis-roberts@somachlaw.com  916-469-3838

Mike Powell – mpowell@ucseng.com  480-243-1251


Somach Simmons & Dunn 04-07-14

UC Synergetic LLP 04-07-14

Public Information and Comment Draft Plan and APA Alternatives

At the March 18, 2014 Arizona Power Authority Commission, a Public Information and Comment Draft Plan and an Alternative Spreadsheets document were handed out to the public.  This information was also posted on our website March 17, 2014.  It has been updated to include the narrative and spreadsheet for Alternative 6.  The Arizona Power Authority website has been updated with the latest version of both these documents.  They are also posted below for your use.

On April 7, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., the Arizona Power Authority will hold a Consultants’ Workshop on the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocations Process so that the public may comment on these documents.  A notice with the details for this Workshop will be sent out shortly.

Public Information and Comment Draft Plan Rev 03-18-14

APA Alternatives 1-6 Rev. 03-18-14

Special Commission Meeting/Workshop 09/26/2012

Special Commission Meeting/Workshop

Workshop Notes 09-26-12

Workshop Handouts:

1987 vs 2017 Allocation

Allocation APA Customers

APA Description Information

Old Parker Davis Application – SAMPLE


Updated 10/26/2012