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Draft Plan and Draft Spreadsheets – Hoover Power Allocation Post-2017

Attached are the corrected draft spreadsheets for Alternatives 1 through 3 for Schedules D2/A and D2/B Power revised subsequent to the Consultants’ Workshop of January 16, 2015.

Alt 1-3 D2A and B Corrections 01.15.15

Notice and Agenda of a Consultants’ Workshop Regarding the Revised Draft Plan and Draft Alternatives for the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process

Notice – Consultants’ Workshop Draft Plan & Draft Alternatives 01.16.15

Agenda – Consultants’ Workshop Draft Plan & Draft Alternatives 01.16.15

Deadline to receive responses to the Voluntary Data Request was November 19, 2014. Responses received from the following:

Aguila Irrigation District
Avra Valley Irrigation & Drainage District
Avra Water Co-op
Buckeye Water Conservation District
Chandler Heights Citrus Irrigation District
City of Mesa
City of Page Electric Utility
City of Page Water Utility
City of Peoria
City of Safford
City of Williams
Cortaro-Marana Irrigation District
Electrical District No. 2
Electrical District No. 3
Electrical District No. 4
Electrical District No. 5
Electrical District No. 6
Electrical District No. 7
Electrical District No. 8
Franklin Irrigation District
Gila Valley Irrigation Districts
Harquahala Valley Power District
Hualapai Indian Tribe
Maricopa County Municipal Water Conservation District
Markham Irrigation District
McMullen Valley Water Conservation & Drainage District
Ocotillo Water Conservation District
Queen Creek Irrigation District
Roosevelt Irrigation District
Roosevelt Water Conservation District
San Tan Irrigation District
Silver Creek Irrigation District
Tonopah Irrigation District
Town of Oro Valley Water Utility
Town of Thatcher
Town of Wickenburg
Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District

Revised Draft Application Memo

10-10-14 APA Memo on Date for Revised Draft Application


TO: Arizona Power Authority
FROM: Somach Simmons & Dunn
SUBJECT: Postponed Date for Revised Draft Application
DATE: October 10, 2014

According to the Revised Allocation Timeline Proposal posted to the Arizona Power
Authority’s (Authority) website, the Consultants intended to post a revised draft application
by October 10, 2014. Many of the written comments on the draft application explained that
comment and review on the draft application would be streamlined if the Commission made certain policy decisions beforehand. These comments are well taken.

The Consultants will wait to post a revised draft application until after the monthly
Commission meeting scheduled for October 21, 2014, during which the Commission may
take action on the two policy issues discussed on the September 16, 2014 Commission
meeting. The Consultants plan to post the revised draft application shortly thereafter on
October 24, 2014. The Consultants will also deliberate on whether a voluntary data request
is necessary, and if so, how the Revised Allocation Timeline should be further adjusted. This
issue may be appropriate to discuss with interested parties during the October 21, 2014
Commission Meeting.

Stuart Somach Draft Application for Post-2017 Hoover Allocation Process Comments

Electrical Dists 2-5 Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.01.14

URS Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.02.14

CAWCD Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.02.14

RWCD Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.03.14

MS & H Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.03.14

I&E Districts Assoc of AZ Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.01.14

Metro Water Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 09.30.14

TOUA Tohono Comments- Draft App for Post-2017 10.03.14

ACIC Ak-Chin Comments-Draft App for Post 2017 10.13.14

GCSECA Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 10.03.14

MUD-Chandler Comments-Draft App for Post-2017 09.29.14

NEC Let – Consultant Misinterpretation 10.17.14

Mohave Electric Coop Let – Consultant Misinterpretation 10.17.14

CMID Let – Primary Mktg Consideration 10.17.14

CGSU&S Let – Mohave Valley I & Dist 10.15.14

CGSU&S Let – Avra Valley I & D Dist 10.15.14

GCSECA Let – Draft App from Consultants 10.17.14

GCSECA attachment – Az’s G&T Coop – Proposed Proc for Sched D 10.17.14


Draft Application Form for Post-2017 Hoover Allocation Process

Attached is a Draft Application developed by Somach Simmons & Dunn and Mike Powell of UC Synergetic, LLC. This is a draft document proposed for use by the Arizona Power Authority (Authority) in the Post-2017 Allocation Process. The Authority has not initiated any allocation process. This draft document is intended to elicit comments from interested parties before the Post-2017 Allocation Process begins.

9-19-14 APA Draft Application

Revised Draft Application 11.03.14

Revised Draft Application 11.03.14