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APA Rules Revision 11/16/93

APA Rules and Regulations document sent to the Attorney General for certification on October 6, 1993 and ratified by the Arizona Power Authority Commission at their monthly meeting held on November 16, 1993.

APA Rules Revision 10-06-93

Attorney General Letter 11-01-93


Updated 11/1/2012


APA Green Book

APA Green Book

Arizona Administrative Code


Title 30 – Arizona Revised Statutes

Title 45 – Arizona Revised Statutes

– Amended Through September 2006

Hoover Post-2017 Allocation Legislation

Hoover Power Allocation Act of 2011

Revisions to Hoover Power Plant Act of 1984

Hoover Power Plant Act of 1984

Updated 12/21/2012

APA Red Book

APA Red Book

Final Hoover power marketing post 1987. – June 7, 1985


APA Yellow Book

APA Yellow Book Post-1987

Arizona Power Authority public information forum for Hoover power marketing post 1987. – September 14,1984