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Draft Application Form for Post-2017 Hoover Allocation Process

Attached is a Draft Application developed by Somach Simmons & Dunn and Mike Powell of UC Synergetic, LLC. This is a draft document proposed for use by the Arizona Power Authority (Authority) in the Post-2017 Allocation Process. The Authority has not initiated any allocation process. This draft document is intended to elicit comments from interested parties before the Post-2017 Allocation Process begins.

9-19-14 APA Draft Application

Revised Draft Application 11.03.14

Revised Draft Application 11.03.14

Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process Voluntary Informal Data Collection Request

A VOLUNTARY informal data request is being made by the Arizona Power Authority to facilitate the information that is being gathered by the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process consultant, Mike Powell, Olsson Associates, for review and analysis by the Commission.  THIS IS NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE FORMAL POST-2017 HOOVER ALLOCATION PROCESS.  This request is made on a voluntary basis and will not determine whether an entity is qualified to receive an allocation of Hoover Power if they do not provide any information at this time.

Data Collection Form final

Copy of Data Collection Form Spreadsheet final

Please fill out this informal data request form as complete as possible and return it to Mike Gazda at mike@powerauthority.org by September 17, 2017.  You may also bring your completed forms for submission to the next regular monthly APA Commission meeting, which will be held on September 17, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

Should you have any questions on completing this form, please contact Mike Gazda via email at mike@powerauthoriy.org or at 602-368-4265.