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Proposed Post-2017 Boulder Canyon Project Marketing Criteria Comments

The comments made by the Arizona Power Authority regarding Proposed Post-2017 Boulder Canyon Project Marketing Criteria; 77 Federal Register 65681 (October 30, 2012) are listed below.

POST 2017 BCP Comments

General Comments to the Arizona Power Authority

General comments received by the Arizona Power Authority.

CAP Letter 09-24-12

SRP Letter 09-04-12

Steve Pierce Letter 09-28-12

Schiff Hardin Letter 11-08-12

SRP Letter 11-15-12


Updated 11/21/2012

Comments in Response to Interested Parties Meeting April 26, 2012

Email from Michael Curtis regarding the Hoover 2017 Allocation

Hoover Education 4.27.12

IEDA Comments

Lynch Memo 2-16-12

IEDA’s Position on the Applicability of the Red Book


Lynch Letter 04-20-12

IEDA’s Additional on the Applicability of the Red Book.

Updated 8/9/2012


Lynch Memo 08-07-12

IEDA’s comments regarding issues, information and misinformation concerning the APA’s Hoover Allocation Process.

Updated 9/20/2012

Process chart comments from Sheryl Sweeney

From: Sweeney, Sheryl []
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 2:31 PM
To: ‘Joe W. Mulholland’; Doug Fant
Subject: Process chart Continue reading ‘Process chart comments from Sheryl Sweeney’