06/30/14 APA Consultants’ Workshop

The Arizona Power Authority will be holding a Consultants’ Workshop to receive comments on the Issue Papers that have been prepared in response to the oral and written comments made by the public on the Public Information and Comment Draft Plan and Alternative Spreadsheets for the Post-2017 Hoover Power Allocation Process.  These documents were created for the Authority by the Consultants, Stuart Somach with Somach Simmons & Dunn and Mike Powell with UC Synergetic, LLP.

Below are the notice, agenda and the Issue Papers for this Workshop. Please contact Mike Gazda at mike@powerauthority.org or Doug Fant at doug@powerauthority.org, or via phone at 602 368 4265 should you have any questions on this Workshop. Also, please contact Susan Angulo at susan@powerauthority.org to have your name added to the Comment Roll Call List so that you may be called upon for comments at this Workshop.

A conference call bridge will be established for this Workshop.  Should you wish to attend this Workshop by telephone, please contact Susan Angulo to inform her so that she may have the appropriate number of lines available.  Thank you.

Workshop Notice

Workshop Agenda – Rev. 06/25/2014

6-24-14 APA Issue Papers-Final

APA Appeals Process Regulations